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Lens Adapters:Never before seen Clarity.

We have developed various unique optical adapters and units in answer to users' desires for versatile zoom lenses. Attaching these adapters infinitely expands the potential of zoom lenses.

Digital Microscope:Lens Adapter

Variable Angle Rotary-Head AdaptersVariable Angle Rotary-Head Adapters

360 degree observation at a variety of angles for complete 3D inspection.

These adapters allow the side of subjects to be observed while varying the angle throughout 360 degree rotation.

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Rotary-Head AdaptersRotary-Head Adapters

360 degree observation of the subject achieved by a rotating prism

Attaching the rotary-head adapter enables 360° 3D image detection.

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Low Magnification AdaptersLow Magnification Adapters

Scaled down to low magnification to support larger subjects

These adapters make it possible to convert lens magnification to low magnification. A single lens can accommodate various large subjects.

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High Magnification AdaptersHigh Magnification Adapters

Scaled up to high magnification to support smaller subjects

These adapters alter the lens magnification to the high magnification range. A single lens can accommodate various small-size subjects.

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Variable Angle Lighting AdaptersVariable Angle Lighting Adapters

Lighting angle freely altered from vertical to side lighting

The lighting angle can be changed from vertical lighting to side lighting. This allows you create the ideal lighting angle matched to the viewing point.

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Co-axial Lighting AdaptersCo-axial Lighting Adapters

Co-axial vertical lighting for comfortable observation of mirror surfaces

These adapters are for observing subjects under regular reflection. They are very effective for observing flat subjects with highly reflective surfaces such as mirrored and polished surfaces.

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Polarizing AdaptersPolarizing Adapters

Polarizing filters for very reflective subjects

These adapters suppress reflectance on the subject’s surface by a polarizing filter that makes full use of polarizing characteristics. This is extremely effective in observing subjects with strong refection.

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Optical Rotary AdaptersOptical Rotary Adapters

3D observation enabled by altering the observation angle

These adapters allow the observation angle to be freely altered without moving the lens. The observation angle is changed by turning the dial to enable 3D observation.

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Directional Lighting AdaptersDirectional Lighting Adapters

Built-in directional filter for capturing even minute unevenness

These adapters use a directional filter to make detailed surface shapes stand out. Fine-adjustment of the lever allows even minute edges to be accurately displayed.

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 Lift Off Adapters Lift Off Adapters

Viewing point captured from the side via a mirror

These adapters enable subjects to be observed from angles close to the horizontal by means of a mirror. This is very effective for observation of lead-free solder from the side.

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Diffuse Lighting AdapterDiffuse Lighting Adapter

Diffuse lighting for suppressing intense reflection

These adapters diffuse light from all directions to create soft lighting. This is effective for observing reflective surfaces such as metal surfaces.

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Lateral Viewing AdaptersLateral Viewing Adapters

Observation of sides of difficult-to-view narrow locations

This adapter uses a mirror to enable observation of the subject from a lateral angle of 90°. This is very effective for side observation of inside walls of tubes.

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Laser Slit Light AdapterLaser Slit Light Adapter

Simple height measurement achieved by laser emission

These adapters enable measurement of subject height by emission of ultra-fine laser slit light. This enables number values to be easily detected.

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Contact Adapter/Non-contact AdapterContact/Non-Contact Adapter

A lineup of adapters to suit specific observation requirements

These adapters enable observation of subjects that can or cannot accept direct contact. This allows even more versatility when observing a subject.

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