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Digital Microscope Lens Adapters:Lift-off Adapter

Lift-off Adapter:Viewing point captured from the side via a mirror

These adapters enable subjects to be observed from angles close to the horizontal by means of a mirror. This adapter is extremely effective for observation of lead-free solder lift-off phenomena, land lifting phenomena, and other subjects that need to be observed directly from the side.

Lift-off Adapter:Lift-off phenomenon at 150x magnification. Lift-off Adapter:Pee-off phenomenon at 150x magnification.
Lift-off phenomenon at 150x magnification. peel-off phenomenon at 150x magnification.




Lift-off Adapters

Lighting Method : Dark field vertical lighting
Working Distance : 3 mm / 0.12''
Weight : 100g
Compatible for : MXG-5040RZ
Lift Off AdaptersLift Off Adapters
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