Hirox, the Pioneer of the 3D Digital Video Microscope System. Also Portable and Handheld Digital Microscope.
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Digital Microscope VCR-800

With a 2.1 Mega pixel video CCD, the new HIROX VCR-800 Digital Microscope is an All in one System for powerful and user friendly inspections.

High Resolution Inspection

High resolution UXGA 15 inches Flat Screen with Multi Screen fonction

User Friendly

Very easy to transport, this Digital Video Microscope offers excellent image quality and a real ease of use thanks to a Remote Control allowing numerous features.

Zoom Lenses

2 different Zoom Lenses with LED directional Lighting are available:
* 20x-90x Mag. - Work. Dist.: 44mm - Field of view: 15.4-2.0mm
* 50x-400x Mag. - Work. Dist.: 54mm - Field of view: 6.1-0.78mm

Some additional features and options

More features

  • Image recording
  • TWAIN connection with PC
  • Compact Flash Card recording
  • Compatible with Hirox Standard Stand with Extension Pole


  • 2D measurement software
  • XY table
  • Lens Contact Adapter


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