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Digital Microscope KH-1300: Overview

Newly Developed CCDRGB24FPSChoice of Light SourceRotary-HeadUser Mode

Be astounded by the Digital Image Quality

KH-1300 CCD camera was designed from scratch for the Lenses.

To reproduce natural colors and images as intended, we developed a new 2.11 million pixel digital CCD camera. As a result, we succeeded in simultaneously obtaining high resolution, rich tones and high quality images at fast frame rates of 24 fps (RGB output) and 15 fps (IEEE output).

Newly Developed CCD
Detachable Optical Fiber Cable Adapter
Detachable Optical Fiber Cable Adapter
Various Lighting Supported by Detachable Optical Fiber Cable

Back focus matched to the newly developed CCD camera was completely designed from scratch to make operation that much easier. And to support a wide variety of lenses, the focus can be unlocked by simply loosening the back focus fixing screw. Default settings can be easily restored by aligning the index again.

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Newly Developed CCDRGB24FPSChoice of Light SourceRotary-HeadUser Mode

An Amazing RGB output of 24 Frames / second with the UXGA Image

Real-Time Images in every Sense of the Word

We developed a new high-speed image engine to thoroughly improve the frame rate for enhanced resolution and image quality. As a result of reviewing conventional parts one by one and incorporating new technology, we managed to increase a direct out image transfer speed of 24 fps, the first for a CCD camera in this class.

High Image Quality / Speed mounted Circuit Technology
"Real-time" expression and High-Speed transfer from Hirox High Quality Image Technology

State-of-the-art circuit technology plays an important role in reproducing high-quality images at higher speeds. The peak of image expression has been achieved by proprietary digital image technology and expertise gained over the years as a digital microscope pioneer.

[Frame rate]
This index indicates how many frames can be rewritten per second. The higher this numerical value is the smoother screen display becomes. fps (frame per second) is the unit used for frame rate. For example, a frame rate of 24 fps means that 24 frames can be drawn in one second.

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Newly Developed CCDRGB24FPSChoice of Light SourceRotary-HeadUser Mode

Select the Light Source that best meets your Specific Requirements.

If you want more detail in the image, then start with the light source. Two light sources are available to elicit high drawing capabilities, a metal-halide lamp with accurate color reproduction and a halogen lamp that supports various environments. Choose the light source most suitable for your observation and budgetary needs.

Metal-Halide Lamp (KH-1300M)

Color reproduction can be extremely important for thoroughly capturing the details of a sample. The high color reproduction of metal-halide lamp, for some samples, cannot be detected by other light sources. What's more, the service life of the lamp has been improved six-fold over that of conventional lamps.

Halogen Lamp (KH-1300H)

With this lamp, brightness remains unchanged until the end of its life. This is because evaporated tungsten does not stick to the tube wall and cause the glass bulb to darken. The life-time of this lamp has also been extended by adjusting the halogen cycle. This light source already has an impressive service record, and is adaptable to a variety of environments including production sites where it is used relatively frequently. In addition it is a very cost effective light source.

Light Switch
Light Switch
"Light ON/OFF" switch to support various observation conditions

A separate "LIGHT" switch is provided on the front panel, in addition to the main power switch to prevent the observation environment from being disrupted by samples that influence lighting conditions.

[Color reproduction]
This is evaluated by the color temperature and color rendering index. Color rendering is regarded as good in a light source when there is little difference between how a color looks when viewed under sunlight and under other light.

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Newly Developed CCDRGB24FPSChoice of Light SourceRotary-HeadUser Mode

Hirox Lens / Lighting Adapters for creating Visual Reality

Simply by attaching a rotary-head adapter to a zoom lens, the 360 degree rotating mirror can fully capture even the sides of subjects. This is a simple, space-saving mechanism that does not involve any tilting of the lens. More than anything else, observation using video allows shapes to be ascertained as if you were handling and viewing them with your naked eye.

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Newly Developed CCDRGB24FPSChoice of Light SourceRotary-HeadUser Mode

High Image Repeatability with built in “User Mode”

The "user mode" allows you easily select the desired picture style. 12 settings are provided for specific applications. This answers the need for more detailed expression, such as clear reproduction of sample color, greater image depth, and image repeatability.

User Mode
Creative Functions
User Mode settings based on Video Technology

Compensation settings for changes in image brightness, contrast settings containing color information, and enhancement settings ranging from basic to advance. User mode settings based on video technology, unique to a digital microscope manufacturer allows for more versatility in sample observation.

Metal Structure

Metal Structure
Enlarge Image

Protein Crystal

Protein Crystal
Enlarge Image

[12 picture styles]
The operator can reproduce the desired image with edge enhancement, color enhancement, color and edge enhancement and much more for various samples and environments.

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