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Digital Microscope KH-7700 : "Easy-to-Use" Technology

ACS Function:The MXG Lens Series incorporates the ACS Function to Provide Highly Accurate Measurement

“ACS” stands for “Auto Calibration Select,” a Hirox original function. The ACS function automatically selects the lens and calibration values as the lens and magnification are changed.

ACS Advantage in 2D

The ACS function prevents selecting incorrect calibration data during image measurement. As the lens is zoomed in/out, the lens is re-calibrated immediately, allowing for fast and accurate measurements at various magnifications.

ACS Advantage in 3D

The function recognizes the lens and selected magnification providing the system with the depth-of-field data. As a result, the travel speed of the motorized Z-axis is automatically adjusted. This allows for fast and accurate 3D measurement.

Advanced Interlocking achieved by 3 of the very latest Technologies

  • AMF3D merge function: Auto Multi-focus 3D Merge function
  • APS function: Auto-Positioning function
  • ACS: Auto Calibration Select function

Superior Observation achieved by Automatic Functions

With the Auto-Positioning Function, when shifting in the field-of-view occurs while using Auto Multi-focus 3D, the merged image is automatically compensated by attaching a checkmark.

Auto-Positioning Function

Auto-Positioning Function
Enlarge Image

Video Displaying everything in Real-Time

Real-time zoom Function

An original digital image processing algorithm allows images to be freely zoomed with the depth-of-field intact merely by operating the mouse wheel.

Inversion/Rotation Function

This function can be applied on both still and video images in real-time. Fine positioning and angle alignment can be performed by merely operating the mouse.

Real-time zoom Function
Inversion/Rotation Function

Easy adjustment for Optimum Compensation

Camera Preview Function

Gamma, edge, and color compensation are automated to display eight versions of the image without the need for troublesome adjustments. This way you have numerous images to choose the most suitable image from.

Split Image Function

Multiple images can be simultaneously displayed for comparison. You can split the screen horizontally or vertically, or divide the screen into 4 windows, 9 windows, or 16 windows. And, one of these windows can be displayed as the through image.

Camera Preview Function
Split Image Function

Easy Management of
saved Images and Data

Library Preview Function

All saved still and video images can be displayed as a list in the library window.

Registration of Camera Setup Parameters up to 16 users

User Mode Function

When you require observation of subjects under the same conditions, the camera setup can be repeatedly called up by merely registering parameters as a user mode once they have been adjusted. Then when you need to repeat those parameters select the user mode on the front panel.

Library Preview Function
User Mode Function

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