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Digital Microscope KH-7700 : Innovative Optics

Hirox Original Optics: 360 Degree View Rotary Head Adapter

This adapter uses a rotating mirror that has passed high-level inspection standards. 360 degree rotation of the mirror enables the side state of the subject to be thoroughly observed. The subject shape can be freely ascertained in a limited space and in 3D without the need to tilt the lens or subject or make complex focus adjustments

Rotary Head Motion

Sample Movie

Connecter Image

Connecter Image


Sample Movie

Solder Image

Solder Image


Easy Control of Angle, Rotational Direction and Speed

With the variable angle rotary-head, subjects can be captured as desired by operating a 360 degree rotating prism vertically within 25 to 55 degrees. Rotation direction and speed can be controlled easily by a single button.

25 Degree

55 Degree

Ambience afforded by the Double-Flip mode to achieve amazing Video Performance

Image output of 15 f/s, considered the limit in video observation, is now exceeded and both of the conditions -- high-definition images and ambience -- can be achieved thanks to the double-flip mode (DFM) which uses a newly developed custom IC to enable image output equivalent to 30 f/s.


30 F/S (DFM)

Wide choice of Lenses from 0 to 7000x

Extensive Control over Optical Zoom

The key to enlarged observation, naturally, lies in the optical performance of the lens and lighting. Boasting superlative optical performance, Hirox lenses capture subjects as they are meant to be seen.

Extensive Control over Optical Zoom

Hirox Lenses in active pursuit of Real Images

Amazing Working Distance (WD) and High Depth-of-Field

By pursuing subtle balances, we have achieved high-precision resolution for enabling accurate contrast even at high magnifications. High color reproduction allows subjects to be captured faithfully to their original state.

Amazing Working Distance (WD) and High Depth-of-Field
Enlarge Image

Easy Adjustment of Optimum Lighting Angle

Variable Lighting Adapter

These lighting adapters allow you to alter the lighting angle as desired from vertical lighting to side lighting. A simple alteration of the lighting angle sharply renders subjects that could not otherwise be seen.

Achieved by RA86

Exclusively developed Hirox Lamp

This new lamp features high color reproduction and long service life. With a high performance color temperature of 5460k, this metal-halide lamp is indeed the optimum light source for state-of-the-art digital microscopes.

Exclusively developed Hirox Lamp

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