Hirox, the Pioneer of the 3D Digital Video Microscope System. Also Portable and Handheld Digital Microscope.
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Digital Microscope Stand

No matter how high performance a lens might be, it does not exhibit its power until it is operated by a person's hand. It is the stand that links the lens to a person's hand. This means that a stand must have a high level of precision and be easy to use. At HIROX we have confidence in our lenses. Therefore, we also have confidence in our stands.

Digital Microscope Stand [Standard]


[Standard Stand]

This stand is suitable for low magnification inspection.

It is light and easy to carry.

Size: 150 x 230 x 34 mm
444 mm
Weight: 2.4 kg

* XY table (AS-XY) can be attached (Sold Separately)


[Large Stand]

This stand is suitable for observing large objects.

With a stable arm, it facilitates observations of large-size objects.

Size: 500 x 640 x 37 mm
657 mm
Weight: 12.0 kg

* Large XY table (AS-XYL) can be attached (Sold Separately)


[Big Stand]

Extra Large Stand with Inclination, Motorized Z axis and XY table.

With a large XY rotative table (300°) with fine XY movements and a CT-7 motor controller for Z axis and 3D measurements (with jog shuttle and micro step correspondence).

Size: 350 x 600 x 42 mm
604 mm
- Pole inclination: +/- 30°
Weight: 20.0 kg


[BGA Stand]

This stand has been designed for BGA inspections.

Our original design allows the lens to move vertically and the prism chip to be easily attached / removed from the lens.

Size: 410 x 470 x 75 mm
290 mm
Weight: 7.9 kg

* PCB Holder (AS-BH) can be attached (Sold Separately)


[XY Table]

This table enables objects to be held for observations.

It helps improve operational efficiency by facilitating the fixing and removing of objects

Size: 175 x 144
Weight: 0.86 kg


[XY Table for backlighting]

This table is fit for transmitted illumination.

It casts light from under the observed objects.

Size: 175 x 144
Weight: 0.86 kg


[Large XY Table]

Large XY Table.

This large table enables users to slide its upper part to easily observe large sized-objects.

Size: 390 x 390
Weight: 7.85 kg


[BGA Substrate Holder]

This PCB holder helps to stably fix double-face packaging substrates.

It is suitable for various substrates including BGA

Size: 175 x 144
Weight: 2.71 kg

CT-7 [ Motor Controller ]

CT-7This controller controls electrically operated stages. It allows various setups and operations suit the purposes.

Size : 210 x 159 x 63
Weight : 1.355kg
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